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Service Desk Tool Selection. People. Processes. Product…Partnership!

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SDI Best Vendor of the Year Award for 2013Last week, I attended a a Service Desk Institute (SDI) Vendor Demonstration Day in Birmingham, UK. The main objective of the event is to showcase vendors in the ITSM space to people and organisations looking to implement a new IT Service Management tool. If you have had the pleasure of attending these types of events before, I am sure you can relate to the consensus: “The vendors are all so similar. How do we differentiate and ensure we get the right tool for our organisation?”

Ken Goff, recognised expert in the field of ITIL®, hit the proverbial nail on the head when he said, “Collaboration is key. The important factor to remember is that you are not buying a product, but a partnership”.

Partnership is often the forgotten and arguably most important ‘P’ of a successful vendor and customer relationship. Of course, the people, processes and product are all imperative for a fruitful and effective recipe, but partnership is often the secret ingredient.

So, how do you identify the right vendor to enter into a partnership with? In a lot of cases, people feel like they are entering a lion’s den blind when looking for a new ITSM tool. Trying to decipher whether to go for dark grey or light grey in a highly competitive market can be daunting. Choosing a vendor that is right for you and suited to your organisation’s needs is the first and most important thing to remember. As is letting the vendor know what you want to achieve. Set goals and targets, and work with your new tool to accomplish, and better, these strategic visions.

“You are not an expert, so use the people that are. You are not expected to know everything, so put your faith in a partner you can rely on to deliver the expertise needed to elevate your IT department and your business.” (Ken Goff)

Want to hear first-hand about the benefits that can be achieved by working in a successful partnership? Listen to the Assistant Director of Support Services at the University of Wolverhampton tell her story.

At Cherwell, we aim to put first things first, our customers, which means the word partnership is key to everything we do. Our commitment to this recently secured us the SDI Best Vendor of the Year Award, and we’re thrilled!