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Podcast: Reflections on the Current State of Women in IT

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womenblogThe following post is the third in our video podcast series created by AllThingsITSM at Fusion15. (The first and second podcasts in the series can be found here and here.) 

Have you ever been in a meeting and felt like you were outnumbered in some respect? Maybe you were the only sales person among a bunch of developers, or the only junior manager among senior executives, or you held the minority opinion on a matter.  Maybe you were outnumbered 2:1, or perhaps even 7:1. If you’ve been part of the majority, have you ever wondered how much value the one “outsider’s” perspective brings to the conversation compared to the rest of the group?

Tweet this: Women are outnumbered in the IT industry 2:1, here’s where women stand today in IT. 

In the IT Industry, woman are vastly outnumbered; most reports show that roughly 75% of the workforce is male. So if you’re reading this and I had to gamble on your gender, any bookie would tell me to bet my money that you’re a male. 

Women in any industry bring another form of communication, compassion, and collaboration to a team. In IT specifically, since women are so far outnumbered, it is imperative that women make their voice and opinions be heard. The easy way out is to sit in the room and let the other people (men) take control of the conversation. Every IT team should take advantage of the personality and gender differences that their team members bring to the table.

Erika Flora has been consulting in the ITSM space for years and is passionate about improving organizational efficiency—not just with the right tools and technology, but also by helping the people who are administering these processes. Her success is just one example of a woman making a difference in the IT industry.

The following podcast features Erika Flora, discussing the challenges facing women in IT and steps that can be taken to increase their share of voice.