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Reward the Right Service Desk Behavior. What Treats Do You Offer?

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Reward the Right Service Desk BehaviourAt a recent SDI event in Birmingham on service desk leadership, I attended quite an interesting seminar entitled ”Catch People Doing Well.” As a big believer in positive thinking, wanting others to succeed and giving people credit for their victories, I was looking forward to hearing a service desk leader offer up her views.

The presentation, conducted by a member of Telefonica UK (02), focused on the importance of motivating the right behavior through recognition and rewards. As a dog lover, I instantly make the connection to dog training. For dogs, good behavior = rewards. At least, we hope our four-legged friends understand this connection.

What would your workplace look like if this same theory applied? Some of you may be thinking, “We pay our employees. Isn’t that enough?” However, research shows that employees who are incentivized with rewards and recognition are motivated to work harder, often going above and beyond their duties. This not only creates a positive atmosphere amongst employees, but also acts as an incentive for others to achieve more results.

The presentation went on to emphasize the importance of creating a structured reward and recognition program. The first step, according to the speaker, is knowing what good behavior in your organization looks like. You can then work on creating reward and recognition programs based on this. People should be taken on a journey, through which they have pit-stops (targets) to meet and a finishing line (completed project) to cross.

A couple of weeks back, I was having lunch at TGI Fridays (a diner-style restaurant franchise) and found myself thinking, “I would love to work here!” I have never wanted to work within catering before. This wasn’t because of the (free) food I would receive (which, by the way, is excellent). What attracted me was the selection of badges TGI Friday staff wore attached to their uniforms. My servicer told me these are given out when targets are met or exceptional levels of service is delivered. The outcome? I had a fantastic experience, so much so I wanted to speak to my waitresses’ manager, and get her another badge. This may seem quite trivial, but my point is rewards = good behavior.

If you are thinking of implementing your own reward and recognition program, download this recent white paper by Phil Gerbyshak on ”Secrets of Effective Rewards and Recognition.” According to Phil, “Like effective parenting, the goal of rewarding and recognizing the employees who report to you is to reinforce positive behaviors and coach them to do the right things at the right time.”

What do you think? We would love to hear about your reward and recognition program or stories.