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“Rip it out,” and Add True Value to Your Business

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“Rip it out,” and Add True Value to Your BusinessTraditionally, ITSM differentiation came down to tracking that perfect slope, price on the y axis and cost efficiency on the x axis. Read it aloud, some directions to precisely locate the greatness of the ITSM vendors you were looking to hire—it becomes a fairly simple matter. “Excrement.” That’s what John Keating says in “Dead Poet’s Society” about this method when applied to poetry. J. Evan’s Pritchard’s entire forward, he tells his students to, “Rip it out.”

“Rip it out,” because, like poetry, there’s much more to think about. Choosing an ITSM vendor should really be focused on finding the best partner to add value at every step. Companies used to see IT within a limited role. In an ITSM weekly podcast, Amber Case, technology-focused anthropologist notes, “When IT fails, everyone notices; and when it doesn’t, people don’t notice that IT exists.” And giving further testimony, she says IT departments were scaled up or down dependent on release.

No longer! Businesses are beginning to see IT as Case does, as a “living, breathing organism.” And now, the living, breathing organism is growing into a fine, robust specimen. Contemporary IT’s have the ability, and are expected to be involved in every business process. A truly valuable ITSM won’t only be cost efficient and easy to use. It will add value exponentially by managing the constant collaboration between IT and business, enabling higher functioning, and automating business processes. This makes for better understanding and frees up time for employees to do more things. Day to day operations are as valuable as they are efficiently effective.

The up-front price is a fraction of a bigger picture of value once the ITSM is implemented. Instead, businesses should look at, as best they can, how fair the pricing is. Money is money, yes, but it is also an indication of how the vendor will treat you. According to the market, do they overcharge or provide inflexible pricing models? It’s hard to have a trusting relationship with your vendor if you look like a cash cow to them. So there’s a balance. Watch out for spending less money for an ITSM that won’t add value to your business. Also, keep your eyes peeled for overpricing vendors who won’t treat you right.

Not such a simple matter. You’ve got work your way along the graph, now three dimensional with true value on the z axis. And keep in mind those intangibles that can’t be graphed—like the people of the vendor. Keep it all in mind until you land in that most valuable sweet spot.