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Scrapping the Microsoft Enterprise License Agreement?

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Much has been written about the ending of enterprise licenses within the NHS – but there’s been very little practical advice on how to handle it.

And believe me, when I say practical, I mean practical. Advice that can be taken on board without spending huge amounts of time and money on complex solutions that just add to the problem.

In order to make your life easier, you should follow these five simple steps to get you on the right path in as little as 90 days:

  1. Get your current status sorted. Conduct a fast, automated audit of what software and hardware you have right now. Match that up against current licenses and produce a detailed compliance report. This is feasible to achieve in the first 30 days using a defined process with some help from technology.
  2. Understand what users are doing. If you ask a user what they need, they’ll tell you “everything”. Using easily available software usage metering technology you can identify what users are actually doing with their software, how often they are using it, and if they are using it to full capacity.
  3. Plan the alternatives. Using the information above you can both plan for alternative applications and retire redundant licenses. This will dramatically reduce costs across your NHS trust.
  4. Execute the plan. Roll out the new licensing and run a new audit – this clearly demonstrates compliance, and helps demonstrate the ROI of the project.
  5. Future proof. Set up robust processes and tracking to ensure that licensing not only stays up to date, but also stays relevant. As users leave the organisation, licenses can be easily re-assigned, usage of applications tracked, and redundant licenses retired.

These five steps can be achieved in 90 days, and, for many of our larger customers, have resulted in savings of more than £150,00 in the first year alone. Not a trivial sum, by any stretch of the imagination!