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September Report of the Month: Express History

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One useful report many customers aren’t familiar with is the “Express History” report, which allows you to track changes made to your Express Software Manager implementation. For example, imagine you turned on software metering for a particular application, but two days later metering is no longer enabled. The Express History report would identify the user that made that change, so you can mete out the proper punishment. 🙂

Below are several screenshots illustrating various ways this report can be used.

Screenshot 1: The first image shows all changes made to this Express Software Manager implementation. Entries by user “ESM” represent the system making changes such as routine maintenance processes that run daily, weekly, or monthly.

Screenshot 2: The next flavor of the report shows License Unit changes. In this example, we can see that Adobe Acrobat Reader has several changes made.

Screenshot 3: The final screenshot simply shows all the different objects by which the change history can be organized: Machines, Users, License Units, Assets, Profiles, and Other.