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That’s not how we do things. Service Desk Change: A fear or hope?

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Change ManagementThe word change is defined as ‘an act or process through which something becomes different’. Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? So why are so many of us hesitant of change? For some, the word alone creates sheer fear.

Last week at the itSMF UK Annual Conference, I attended a thought-provoking seminar on the subject of change by Eddie Obeng of Pentacle. He began the seminar by asking all attendees their hopes & fears. Initially, I thought I had stepped into the wrong presentation. This was supposed to be a lesson in ‘Learning to Transform for Service and Delivery’. However, as it progressed, I saw where Eddie was going. So many of us fear change or components of change. We hope things will improve but fear the things that need to change in order for us to get there.

In his view, the best way to introduce change is to not introduce it as change. Confused? Don’t be. For effective change, people need to believe they are part of the reason for that change. Their involvement will make them feel valued and as such, more likely to embrace the change.

For example, you an Analyst working on a Service Desk inundated with calls regarding an issue you know needs to change as it currently creates more work for you than necessary. However, you also know that change is going to create problems for you from a workflow perspective. Are you more likely to welcome the change if someone else in the organisation comes to you and asks for your thoughts and views? Or, are you more likely to welcome it if someone else implements with no input from yourself?

Ok, so this example is incredibly simple, and you’re probably thinking, ‘it’s never that easy’, but sometimes change becomes overcomplicated. If you want to change culture, you need to break the ‘it can’t be done’ mind-set.

If you are reading this thinking, ‘Today is the day! I need a new Service Management Tool, and I am ready to embrace the change’, then you may want to have a look at a solid Service Desk Software Selection Kit that presents key vendors, easy-to-follow comparison tools and critical insight into many overlooked considerations. You may also want to learn how faced the fear and embraced the change by transitioning from an email ticketing helpdesk to a single-point-of-contact ITSM Service Desk. A little inspiration is always helpful.