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Service Desk Intrepreneurs – Reports from the Front Line

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Back in September, I wrote a blog about service desk intrepreneurs — internal worker bees with an entrepreneurial spirit — those who take the initiative to research and propose recommendations that aim to fix something or to make something great.

I asked the following two questions:

  • How many of you are service desk entrepreneurs?
  • How many of you work for an organization that supports the entrepreneurial spirit?

I thought it would be great to share an example from the “front line.”

New Cherwell employee Keith Douch works on Cherwell’s own service desk, providing first line support to external U.K. customers. Prior to joining Cherwell, Keith was a quality assurance analyst with a company that provides EPOS solutions to retailers. One of Keith’s first tasks in this role was to test and release software to clients. However, he found the existing processes in place archaic, and it did not provide any feasible roll back solutions should problems arise.

“I implemented new release documentation into the process so that both our support desk and clients received documentation that outlined the changes being implemented,” says Keith.  “Having  release documentation sent  to both the client and support desk provided improved customer service and helped the support staff keep up-to-date. For future reference, the release notes were centralized onto Sharepoint, which allowed historical information to be saved.”

The results: substantial fewer calls to the service desk, a smoother software roll-out, and implementation process and a central location for historical releases.

In addition, Keith proactively investigated ways to improve the professionalism of the company’s help documentation and ways to integrate the documentation into the software.

“I did some desktop investigation into software that allows users to write HTML help documentation and provides a front-end for the user to use. This would allow employees who do not know HTML coding to help with writing the new help document. I chose Help & Manual and used the 30-day free trial to create a test help document that integrated into our software and used “context sensitive help.” The test document was demoed to the managing director and development manager, and it received a positive response,” says Keith.

The result: the company purchased five licenses, and the software was integrated into the business and used to produce monthly newsletters and release notes.

There are limitless examples of service desk entrepreneurialism. These are just two. Please share your own examples.

Oh, and as Keith settles in here at Cherwell, we look forward to his entrepreneurial spirit helping to make good things great.