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Service Desk Metrics – Drop the Charts, Start Telling Stories

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newspaperThe other day, I listened to Daniel Wood from the Service Desk Institute (SDI) present a webinar on Service Desk Metrics. As Head of Research at the SDI, Dan is often asked about metrics…he says 5 to 10 times per week…with the most common questions being: 1) How many metrics should we measure, and, (2) Are there any industry standards/benchmarks we should follow?Back in December 2012, we did a survey with the SDI that asked Service Desk professionals a number of questions, including ‘In your daily Service Desk life, what causes you the most pain?’ The top response: the ability to easily produce metrics and reports. The same survey found that during 2013, Service Desks expect to see a 16% increase in the demand for metrics and reporting.

One aspect of Service Desk reporting that should be considered is moving from simply sharing data to telling stories. According to Dan, Service Desks have become data collection pits, and this data needs to be translated into information accompanied by context, and that’s where story telling comes into play.

Simply presenting graphs and tables – just figures – without context or commentary – without a story – can be deadly. This doesn’t show your value. This doesn’t show how the Service Desk is helping the business get to where it wants to be. By finding out what metrics are important to your business and being able to tell stories about related Service Desk achievements, your Service Desk will be viewed as a contributor to achieving business goals.

So, tell us…how many of you are moving beyond graphs and charts with your Service Desk reporting? We’d love to know. And, if you can provide examples, that will certainly help your peers who are aiming to do the same.