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Service Desks: Don’t Fear Change. Change is good!

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BYODWe’ve been speaking quite a bit this month about change. People fear change, but change often brings many unexpected benefits. And, for the IT community in particular, according to Malcolm Fry, “If there wasn’t any change, there probably would be no IT.” Think about that.Several of our customers have told us about the unexpected benefits they have experienced from switching their ITSM tool. Many of these benefits occurred outside the service desk and resulted in IT improving its status within the organisation. Now, that’s a fantastic unexpected benefit. I bet that requirement was not on any list when it came to looking for a new ITSM solution. Fantastic.Last fall, we also came across some research that uncovered some unexpected benefits organisations experience after changing ITSM tools. Three unexpected (but significant) themes stood out: improved communication, better interdepartmental collaboration, and a boost in the perception that IT provides real value.

A couple of months back, one of my colleagues wrote a blog about Eddie Obeng’s presentation at the 2014 itSMF UK Annual Conference. People are a major problem when it comes to change. “For effective change, people need to believe they are part of the reason for that change. Their involvement will make them feel valued and as such, more likely to embrace the change.” Do you agree?

Speaking of people, Alan McCarthy from Pink Elephant EMEA recently wrote an article on the importance of people in any effective change program. As Alan’s says, “It’s always people issues that will scupper a project.” It’s not the framework they’re trying to adopt or the service management tool they’re using. It’s the people. Alan lays out eight steps to ensure to ensure change programme success and boldly states, “It is your people that will determine the success or failure of your project. This is where focus should be placed and also where the lion’s share of your budget should be spent.”

So, really, why all the doom, gloom, dread, and fear about change? If you’re still not convinced, access Malcolm Fry’s recent webinar on the Unexpected Benefits of Change (He highlights 18!). If people are your problem, and yes, as noted, people are the problem, join Peter Hubbard’s (Pink Elephant) webinar on the 30 January, where he’ll address The Four Ps of Successful ITSM Change Projects: People, People, People, People.