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Service Integration and Management (SIAM): It’s All About Communication

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siamblogThere is infinite truth in the saying, “If organizations knew what they knew they would be outperforming all their competition.” So how can you get there? Knowledge sharing is a key requirement to help employees learn from each other. On the other hand, easily being able to find relevant data enables you to make informed decisions. Perhaps unsurprisingly, many teams use service management solutions to cover these internal communication channels.

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But what happens when you outsource some of your services? The need for communication does not disappear; quite the contrary. With the imminent arrival of service integration frameworks such as Service Integration and Management (SIAM), there’s a great opportunity to review the way you interact with your customers and suppliers and to achieve better visibility, governance and cost-efficiency in the process. 

Conferences are exceptional in the way they allow for sharing experiences and learning from each other. It was thus much to my delight that I was invited to speak about SIAM in a podcast with AllThingsITSM‘s Simone Jo Moore, Kirstie Magowan, and James Finister at the recent itSMF UK conference, one of the main events of the year in service management.

In the following video podcast, you’ll experience a lively discussion about the role SIAM plays within the modern enterprise, the importance of communication with respect to SIAM, and how to implement SIAM best practices within your own organization.

A heartfelt thanks to our friends at AllThingsITSM for their efforts in bringing light to this very important discipline, and for the opportunity to participate as a panel member in podcast below!


  1. Erno Koivisto

    I enjoyed watching the video, it brought up some common SIAM challenges very clearly. I just blogged about SIAM-related issues and I was easily able to identify the topics on that video.

    – Communication is indeed the key issue when going to the SIAM discipline. Without a proper communications plan, transparency won’t be on required level.
    – Tools: it’s a total mess if all the suppliers have different tools. That’s however, unfortunately the reality in most cases. It would probably be an ideal situation if the SIAM Operator had one single dashboard in use, and all the suppliers would have created integrations to that single one system.

    Thanks for sharing the video!

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