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#SITS13 countdown. Three weeks to go. Service Desk culture.

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Service Desk, ITSMCulture?  What does it have to do with Service Desk software or ITSM?  What role does it play in the success of your Service Desk?

Culture intrigues me.  I’m always interested in how companies form strong bonds with customers and partners. Really, it comes down to a company’s ability to consistently connect emotionally, at some level, with its stakeholders (customers, partners, prospects, etc.), and this really has something to do with culture.

Culture = characteristics (including values) shared by a group of people.

So, similar to creating friendships, you connect best with companies and customer that you share a culture and/or values with…creativity, innovation, fun, hip, trend-setting, eco-friendly, natural…

At Cherwell, we live and breathe our culture of delivering innovative technology and putting customers first — listening to and serving their needs. Our CEO Vance Brown says that culture needs to become a habit…it is not something you can buy or put on your ‘wish list.’  It takes time, protection and effort, and you must speak it daily to retain it. I’ve heard more times than I can count from our customers that they chose Cherwell because they connected with the Cherwell culture, that Cherwell shares similar values to their organisation.

So, what is the culture of your Service Desk and does it resonate with your customers? Is your Service Desk’s culture helping it to become a valued and trusted partner within your organisation?

At the Service Desk Show, on Tuesday, 23 April at 13:30, Jeff Brookes from Gartner will lead a panel discussion on Culture vs Tools – Building a Perfectly Balanced Service Desk, which will explore how much emphasis you should put on the people and culture of your tool provider and how to understand the power culture has on the success of your Service Desk.