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#SITS13. Four days to go. Yes, let’s please talk BYOD.

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James West of servicedesk360 recently wrote an in-depth article that highlights how IT support services teams now deal with an ever expanding, disjointed menu of devices, IT and apps – fragmented IT.Service Desk 360, BYOU, BYOIT, BYOA

So, for those of you who still think you can ‘lock down’ IT and say ‘no’ to BYOD, BYOIT and BYOA, your numbers are dwindling. Plus, why do you want to be a barrier? Don’t you want to be an innovator? Don’t you want your end-users to come to your Service Desk for its knowledge, expertise and know-how? Don’t you want to be a technical advisor rather than an IT repair man? Yes!

If you haven’t completely bought into this yet, I encourage you to have a chat with your peers in the higher education/university sector. In the UK, UCISA (Universities and Colleges Information Systems Association) recently held its annual conference, and BYOD was on the lips of just about everyone. Some of our take-aways from the event:

– With rising fees, students are expecting more from everywhere, including IT and support services.
– Most students have at least two devices they expect a university’s IT and services team to support.
– Several websites now provide students with IT performance statistics to help with the ‘which unveristy’ decison prospective student face.

Watch out. For 2013, most first year university students were born in 1995, the same year many dot.coms and personal email service providers launched. BYOD, BYOIT and BYOA may not be 100% normal to you, but it is for them. And, why should’t it be normal to you?

Cherwell’s own Aaron Alexander, who is a senior service desk analyst, says in James West’s Fragmented IT article, “Service desks have happily supported multiple versions of Windows/Office on myriad PCs and laptops form a wide range of OEMS for years. Apple and Android are more uniform, far less complex, far harder to break and customise and come on a smaller range of devices. Therefore, where has this fear of BYOD and BYOA come from?” Hm.

If you’re attending SITS13, Cherwell is answering your cry for help. On the 23 April at 10:50 in Theatre 2, Cherwell’s Matt Neigh will present, ‘How to Create a Supportable BYOD Strategy,’ and Matt will provide practical advice on how to build a realistic (yes, realistic) BYOD strategy.

If you leave this session inspired and wanting more, you may want to consider attending Ovum’s BYOX World Forum 2013, which happens in London in early June 2013.

We look forward to seeing you all at SITS13 in just two weeks.