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Sneak Preview: Express Software Manager Version 10.2

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For those of you anxiously awaiting the next release of Express Software Manager, due out this spring, the official list of new features is published below. As always, we’ll be introducing some new reports, but the features central to this release will be found within the Express Purchasing Console. Specifically, we are implementing “access profiles” designed to allow organizations to segment access to purchasing data based on organizational structure, and ensure that this data can only be viewed and/or manipulated by the appropriate individuals.

Here’s what’s in the works:

1. Access Profiles. Those designated as Express Purchasing administrators will now be able to create access profiles that control user access to purchasing data based on specific users or groups.

  • Viewing Data. A user will only be able to view and edit Express Purchasing data that is part of their access profile.
  • Reports. The Express Purchasing charts and reports will only display data for the user’s access profile. (Purchasing administrators can view all data.)
  • Email Alerts: Email Alerts will be configured separately for each access profile so that users only receive reminders for orders they created or are part of their access profile.
  • Import: Users will only be able to import data to their specific access profile. (Purchasing administrators can import data for any access profiles.)
  • Order Migration. Orders can be migrated from one access profile to another via a new Administration panel in the purchasing console.

2. Change History. When editing and viewing existing orders users will now be able to view change history reports displaying data, user, item description, and old and updated values.

3. Required Custom Fields. Users now have the option of making custom purchasing fields required. If a field is required, the user creating an order or line item won’t be able to save it until a value has been specified.