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Sneak Preview of Express Software Manager Version 10

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With spring in the air and summer right around the corner, now seems like the perfect time to share bit about what you can expect in the summer release of Express Software Manager: Version 10!

As always, we decided what to include in this release based on a combination of both current customer wishes and prospective customer feedback, and we think you’ll be very happy with what you see in this upcoming version.

1. Document Storage

Express Software Manager’s purchasing interface has added the capability to store associated purchasing documents in the Express Database. Express Software Manager will continue to support a reference model for customers with document storage servers.

2. Custom Views

Express Software Manager will now allow customers to add custom fields, customize field placement, customize views, and search on both standard and custom fields.

3. Maintenance and Lease Alerts

Express Software Manager has added an email alert system to warn of upcoming maintenance or lease expiration dates or in the case where agreements have expired.

4. Automated Machine Scanning Process

Express Software Manager has always allowed customer to contribute unrecognized applications to the Express Software Identification Database. This has been a semi-automated process but with this release of Express Software Manager customers can “opt-in” to automatically send unrecognized applications directly to the Express Software Identification Database team.

5. Reports

Express Software Manager ships with a collection of new reports generated based on customer requests. New reports include more suite related reports and charts, additional Citrix/Windows Terminal Server reports, improved purchasing reports, and the ability to better distinguish computer types (workstations, laptops, servers, etc).

6. ISO Tagging Collection

In support of ISO 19770-2 (Software Identification Tag) standard, Express Software Manager will collect ISO 19770-2 Tags when present on workstations or servers.

7. Metering Enhancements

The Express Software Manager metering/usage client is being updated to provide different size customers with the flexibility to determine how often usage data is collected, throttle bandwidth, and allow the client to easily scale to larger environments when needed.

8. Streamlined Maintenance Workflows

Express Software Manager purchasing interface has new capabilities that streamline the process for adding maintenance for new and existing orders.