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Social Collaboration Conversation

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In this 14 minute video, Matt Neigh and Phil Gerbyshak continue their series of chats around social media.


A few of the highlights from the video:

How can you define social collaboration? It’s very hard to do, and by definition, there is no definition. Integrating with Twitter is NOT IT social collaboration. Right now, nobody knows what it really is, so we’re trying to nail Jello to a wall. Because it’s hard to define, it’s hard to put a value around it to measure real ROI. How do I take something that’s free and put metrics around it?

What’s the difference between collaboration and teamwork? Matt wrote an article about this, but listen to the video for a high level of this as well. Collaboration has no clear leader, no clear structure, and likely different goals. Collaboration is when Matt sits with the Cherwell Software team to come up with a chat tool. IT says here’s the “official” tool, but he’s free to use one tool with one group, one tool with another group, and yet another tool with his assistant. IT has a mandate of what you have to do. Matt has a different mandate and different goals. On the other hand, teamwork is when Matt calls the service desk and asks IT to fix a something. The whole team is working together to fix the problem, and there’s a clear leader and a clear path of escalation.

Why don’t more IT groups embrace social collaboration? Loss of control is one concern. Matt shares some other thoughts as well.

Watch the entire 14 minute video about social collaboration with Matt Neigh and Phil Gerbyshak.