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Social Collaboration in ITSM — the Next Big Thing or the Next Time-Waster?

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According to Gartner, “the vast majority of social collaboration initiatives fail.” The press release indicates that, although 70 percent of organizations employ social collaboration, there is only a 10 percent success rate. Why is that?Even more disconcerting are the number of organizations that, in3 things IT Can Learn from the Ukraine Crisis light of the statistics, consider social collaboration to be a big time waster.

Is social collaboration a waste of time? Will organizations continue to see a dismal success rate? Can anything be done to change that? Perhaps.

Maybe the underlying factor is the approach organizations are taking to social collaboration. They are using new concepts along with new technology and trying to apply to old formulas of how software is to be implemented. Are they trying to place a round peg into a square hole? I believe so. Perhaps a new paradigm shift is critical to see social collaboration take off.

Social collaboration is the next big thing in ITSM. When we align the people, process, and social technology correctly in the culture of an organization, social collaboration will have an impact. Let’s figure out how!

I’ve proposed a session for TFT13 that, collaboratively, looks at what the current state is and what can be done. In this interactive session, we’ll discuss and explore the following:

  • The difference between collaboration and teamwork
  • How we define “social collaboration”
  • Destructive habits of failed collaboration
  • Building blocks of a successful collaboration

Is this a session that you would be interested in? Give me your thoughts! Or better yet, vote below. (Hint: Click on the “Newest” tab.)