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Social Collaboration in Times of Tragedy

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In light of the recent Black Forest fire tragedy in Colorado, we wanted to get you our thoughts on how to use social collaboration in times of tragedy and include some things to keep in mind about social collaboration every day.

A few things discussed in this 17 minute 20 second video:

  • How, if at all, can you prepare for unexpected tragedy with social collaboration?
  • With social collaboration, there is often no named leader, so how do you get the word out quickly and efficiently?
  • Why is using the same verbiage so important in times of tragedy, and how can you use this with social media?
  • How does utilizing the cloud and BYOD change your strategy for disaster recovery?
  • Even though “business as usual” can go on, what else do you have to keep in mind when running your business?
  • And much more

Tune in for 17 minutes of Matt Neigh and Phil Gerbyshak discussing the impact of social collaboration in times of tragedy. Our thoughts are with everyone touched by the Black Forest fire.