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Social IT – Link to Known Tools or Introduce New Ones

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Jarod Greene of Gartner did this great webinar the other week on Social IT, and I took away a couple of ideas I’m interested in exploring:

  • Collaborative IT: Jarod explained that by using Social tools, it’s possible to capture the noise that happens between the cracks of a formalized process. People have informal chats and post/share comments via social tools, and these chats/comments/threads can actually influence a decision being taken during a process (e.g. whether to approve a change or not).
  • The challenge for ITSM software users is that tools without social media integration miss this noise. So, are these tools only doing part of the job?
  • What social medium is the appropriate one to use? Is it appropriate that some ITSM tools provide a proprietary social media tool within the offering or should ITSM software provide interfaces and integration points to standard social media tools currently available?

I guess the answer is whichever is appropriate for the need, but it makes me wonder if it’s better to link to a common and known tool or to introduce a new one?