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Social Media: The New Customer Service

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Social media is quickly becoming a robust and viable option for customer service needs. No longer are customers calling in to complain; no, they are posting on the World Wide Web exactly how they feel about a product or service they encountered.

With so many social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, etc., there is no way to control where the customer will lash out. Many companies have decided to turn social media into a way to problem solve and implement great customer service. Social media provides a great venue to see firsthand what customers are struggling with, efficiently address the issue, and then notify the “whole” world of the resolution.

Here at Cherwell, we’ve noticed more and more that Twitter has become a common outlet for customers to express their feelings concerning a product. Many of our clients need a way to get information out quickly and effectively. When used within the realm of the IT help desk, Twitter can be that delivery mechanism!

Our higher education customers have commented that the majority of their students use Twitter more actively than they do their own email. End users are more apt to tweet their issues than email IT. According to HDI’s 2011 Support Center Practices & Salary Report, 58% of the higher education industry use or are implementing social media.1 Companies or institutions use of Twitter can be two-fold. Cherwell Social Media allows for the company Twitter feed to be viewable on anyone’s dashboard, showing real time updates. This is a proactive way to handle incoming information. The help desk staff is able to monitor Twitter without leaving their ITSM solution or being forced to utilize a separate web browser. If a student tweets that they are experiencing an interruption of email services, IT can immediately respond to their end users through Twitter and deal with the issue in a timely manner.

IT can also set up a One Step within Cherwell so that when an issue arises, a Twitter update will be sent out informing end users online. Now that’s proactive!

All Things CRM blogged recently “the increasing popularity of social networking websites opens up new ways to communicate with customers efficiently.”2 We believe that. When social media hands your company lemons, whip out the sugar and make some lemonade!

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