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Managing Software Licenses in Citrix/WTS Environments

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Finding the right software license management technology is hard enough. It’s even more challenging if your network environment includes servers running Citrix or Windows Terminal Server (WTS), as precious few tools provide usage statistics or management capabilities for applications delivered through these platforms.

To manage software in a Citrix or WTS environment, you need technology that collects software usage data not only at the server level, but also at the end-user and machine level. And in order to effectively manage license compliance, you’ll want to explore capabilities that allow you to control in an automated fashion which end users and/or machines can run those licensed applications.

There are three software license types you need to consider in Citrix or WTS environments, each of which requires a different approach to license management.

  • Concurrent: Licensing based on a maximum number of instances of the application running at any time. A software license management tool must be capable of preventing launches of the application beyond the licensed maximum.
  • Per user: Licensing based on a maximum number of users. The software license management technology must be able to prohibit additional non-licensed users from running the software.
  • Per seat: Licensing based on a maximum number of client machines. Software license management solutions must be capable of preventing additional non-licensed machines from launching the application.

Unlike many software license management products, Express Software Manager works just as well in a Citrix or WTS environment as it does in a Windows desktop environment. With Express Software Manager, you can track application usage both at the user/machine level and at the server level. Not only will it reveal which users and machines are running each Citrix or WTS application, but it also gives you the ability to control which users or machines can run each application through the use of authorization profiles.

Of course, there are a gazillion things you need to consider when choosing the right software license management technology for your organization. But if you run applications on Citrix and/or WTS, don’t forget to evaluate various tools’ support for these platforms; if you treat this requirement as an afterthought, you may find yourself back at square one.