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Corporate Software Piracy – Is There An Elephant In The Room?

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Happy New Year!

If you’re anything like me, the first weeks of January usually involve a Herculean effort to work off the extra pounds you packed on as a result of all the holiday excess. But this task is dwarfed in comparison to the effort your company may face as a result of the past decade’s technology excesses: blind overpurchasing of applications, lax software usage policies, unfettered adoption of new enterprise and consumer technologies, and a pervasive “Wild West” attitude toward responsible licensing practices. All these have led to a glut of shelfware, institutionalized overspending, and unprecedented software piracy risk among many organizations–leaving IT departments with a colossal mess to clean up.

Related to all this, I thought I’d post a timely and well-written article about the ever-evolving pitfalls related to software licensing, written by Dan Tynan of InfoWorld. The column is a good primer on software license management, especially for those looking to get a handle on their license position. (Our own Kris Barker was tapped by Dan to lend his expertise about driving down application and support costs by metering software usage, along with navigating the licensing landmines associated with virtualized systems and software.)

With the rise of subscription licensing, virtualization, and open source models, this “elephant in the room” is becoming more and more difficult to ignore. So why not shed this proverbial weight in 2010, so you can approach the decade lighter and more streamlined, with fewer worries, and a couple of extra dollars in your IT coffers? Sounds like the perfect New Year’s resolution to me.