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July Report of the Month: Software Usage Statistics

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As most of our customers know, software usage analysis is a critical component of effective IT asset management, offering a means to analyze whether software investments are being fully utilized, ensure concurrently-licensed apps are being used within proper usage limits, and evaluate usage patterns of unauthorized applications within your environment. This month, we’ll take a look at the “Software Usage Statistics” report, one of Express Software Manager’s most widely used reports, which provides valuable insight into application usage patterns within your organization.

The Software Usage Statistics report, when filtered by license unit, helps you determine the percentage of any given application launched within a specifed time frame, as well as more granular details such as average amount of time used (or unused) per day. These statistics provide clues as to which applications may be underutilized and represent opportunities for re-harvesting and/or renegotiating license agreements to better reflect actul usage. In other situations, the report can be used to examine the prevalence of unauthorized, harmful, or “nuisance” applications within your organization. To investigate further, you can click on any of the displayed license units to see usage patterns for each application on individual machines, and even sort that data based on usage to see which machines show the highest and/or lowest amount of activity.




The Software Usage Statistics report can be viewed in the following ways:

  • License Unit
  • Machine and License Unit
  • Machine, User, and License Unit
  • User and License Unit

How do YOU use the Software Usage Statistics report? Let us know by leaving a comment after this post. Happy Summer to you all!