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Spotlight on Judi’s House and the Cherwell Global Conference

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The Cherwell Global Conference (CGC) is different from your standard industry get together. When past attendees describe their experience, they break out the superlatives, including: love and best. And, the feeling goes both ways. Vance Brown, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of Cherwell, describes attending the conference as “the most life-giving thing I do the entire year.”

During the CGC, you’ll learn from speakers and discover creative solutions to problems, but you’ll also build relationships. The conference may even get a bit personal. If you attended last year’s CGC, you’ll recall that Vance Brown’s keynote delved deep—he spoke about the tragic, early death of his mentor, and his struggle to help his friend’s grieving young son.

That’s where two of this year’s speakers come in: Brian and Brook Griese. Brian is a former NFL quarterback, and currently a college football analyst for ESPN. He’s also the Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Judi’s House, a Denver-based nonprofit devoted to helping grieving children and their families.

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Judi’s House was founded on the belief that all bereaved children and families should have access to effective and compassionate care. Brian was just 12-years-old when his mother Judi died from breast cancer. He felt alone in his grief, struggling to cope with this tremendous loss. During a successful NFL career, he found a way to provide support for children facing similar circumstances. In 2002, Brian and his wife Brook, a clinical child psychologist specializing in trauma and loss, founded Judi’s House with a vision that no child should be alone in grief. Dr. Griese serves as the Executive Director of Judi’s House and its recently established JAG Institute.

Brown was intrigued by Judi’s House—which offers direct services to grieving families, conducts rigorous academic-level evaluation and research, and provides education and training for professionals in the field of childhood bereavement. As his involvement deepened, he discovered that Judi’s House had operational and technology needs that were preventing them from achieving their fundamental purpose to more widely and efficiently conduct this important work. Sound familiar? This is the kind of problem that Cherwell was born to handle.

As Brown says, “One of the great ‘whys’ of Cherwell is not just building great innovation and a great tool for innovation, it’s building community.” It’s helping organizations achieve their purpose.”

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At this year’s conference, Brian and Brook Griese will share their story and their passion for Judi’s House and its mission to help children and families find connection and healing in the midst of their grief.

Watch the video below for Vance Brown’s introduction of Judi’s House and what you can expect at the upcoming Cherwell Global Conference.