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Podcast: Do Us All a Favor—Stop Rewarding the Service Desk “Hero”

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itheroThe following post features the second in a series of video podcasts produced by the good folks at AllThingsITSM last week at Fusion15. (The first and third podcasts in the series can be found here and here.) A big thank you to Carlos Casanova and Kirstie Magawon for hosting the panel!

Last year, Mad Max: Fury Road was released and did over $150 million at the box office. But like many of you, I’m old enough to remember Mad Max: Thunderdome, starring the incomparable Tina Turner, who famously sung “We Don’t Need Another Hero”.  As that song is playing in your head right now, just know that I sing it quietly every time I see Doug Tedder. No, it’s not because he reminds me of Mel Gibson—although he is certainly a handsome fella—but because he’s spot on, and every good message should have a theme song.

Tweet this: Does #IT have the habit of creating unnecessary bottlenecks that hold us back from agility? 

But in all seriousness, we do have a “hero” issue that’s plaguing IT organizations across the world. We’ve established a culture where we cause fires and then accept (and expect) praise for putting them out. We create unnecessary bottlenecks that hamper our abilities to be agile and move at the pace the business requires.

Something has to give, and in this video podcast we discuss some of the hero symptoms and provide approaches to helping manage the person in your IT organization who is the biggest catalyst—yet also a major inhibitor—to organizational success.

Many thanks to Doug Tedder, for his collaboration on this excellent piece of content!



Stay tuned for next week’s podcast installment #3: Reflections on the Current State of Women in IT