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Successful service desk tool implementation. Tips for success.

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Barclay Rae recently hosted a webinar for us on the topic of successful ITSM tool implementation. Barclay has worked in IT service management for more than 20 years and has had direct involvement in 500+ ITSM projects. So, he’s practically seen it all. He says that many forget that the hard work doesn’t stop once a new tool is selected. In fact, that’s whenSuccessful ITSM tool implementation the hard work actually starts because, as Barclay puts it, this is where most projects start to fall apart.So, here’s how to not be a statistic, and here’s how to best work with your new tool provider:


  • Gain clarity on project logistics and objectives
  • Involve people from across the business and IT
  • Avoid ‘as is’ implementations
  • Determine where to start

Tool Providers:

  • Focus on the customer’s goals
  • Work with all the right people at your customer’s end
  • Gain clarity on resources and data needs
  • Aim to influence and recommend
  • Determine what to propose

Overall, both parties need to work together towards:

  • Engaging and listening to customers from across the organisation and their needs
  • Building services based on business outcomes
  • Investing in the service desk so it becomes a key component to the overall running of the business
  • Getting problem management working so things can start to turn around
  • Reporting on useful stuff so the right people have the right information
  • Getting the whole IT organisation working together in support of common goals and a common vision
  • Selling the value of the new solution – it’s benefits to the business and IT customers
  • Assessing project risks from the vendor perspective and the client perspective

Lastly, and really the very first place to start, note that your software tool alone won’t deliver improved service quality, but the right vendor might help you to achieve it. So, Barclay recommends that you look for the vendor that fits your approach and needs.