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Taking Cherwell Service Management Beyond IT Service Management

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Cherwell Service Management DashboardBy: Mark Hillyard; ITIL® Expert; BEYOND20, a Cherwell Software™ partner
As we enter another year of partnership with Cherwell Software designing, training and implementing the Cherwell Service Management® (CSM) IT service management (ITSM) tool, it has become increasingly clear that CSM is much more than just an IT service desk application. In fact, you can drop the “IT” from IT service management entirely as CSM is a true service management platform.Now, the term “platform” gets tossed about almost as freely as “Cloud” these days, so I want to clarify exactly what I think it means in this case. It is true that CSM will enable your service desk staff to quickly classify and resolve tickets, provide knowledge, manage change, and inventory Service Assets and Configuration Items. Moreover, tying each of these processes together can provide unique visibility into your own IT infrastructure from a service-oriented standpoint. However, CSM is much more than just a service management tool. It can be a truly powerful non-IT—or perhaps IT-adjacent—tool as well.

Last year, we completed an implementation for a financial services organization in New England (U.S.A.) that completely ignored the out-of-the-box ITSM configurations. We created entirely new business objects to assist with regulatory audits and HR processes. These are not standard objects within CSM, but since CSM is entirely data-driven, we were able to provide our client with a bespoke business application to streamline their existing processes and automate much of the employee lifecycle, while also providing a central repository for all regulatory audit information. For a financial institution, this is invaluable.

Our customer now uses CSM for Vendor and Contract Management as well as Project Tracking and Change Management with plans to migrate their current IT service desk processes, including Service Asset and Configuration Management into CSM within the next 12 months. The improvements realized by our customer prove that Information System and Data Integration can prove as transformative as process improvement for some organizations.

This does not mean that a tool can replace process management. Good processes are absolutely imperative to a successful tool implementation initiative. However, with both good process management, and a solid tool in hand—especially one that is exceptionally flexible—an IT organization can move much closer to being a trusted business partner. Ultimately, that is the goal of ITSM: to become an indispensable part of the business’ success, not the ever-present scapegoat of its failure.

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