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The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: Commitment

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The-Five-Dysfunctions-of-a-Team---Commitment“To be successful is not about the amount of risk you take; it is the amount of commitment you make.”

– Cynthia Chiam

Commitment is necessary for any team to be a success. In my last two blogs I discussed the first two building blocks of “The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team:” trust and conflict. Each of these builds off the other and the same is true for the next block: commitment. Commitment is born out of healthy conflict. In the last blog we discussed that healthy conflict is a sign people think it’s safe to express their ideas and input which is crucial for driving commitment within your team.

Our work-life environments often feel a lot like plowing a field. One foot in front of the other. Row after row. We are told what to do and how to do it. This leads to apathy and mediocrity in our work. When there’s no room for innovation or creativity, work is simply a means to put bread on the table. It’s not fulfilling or enjoyable. We have no ownership over what we’re doing and therefore become uninvolved and uncommitted. This is extremely dangerous for any team! The success of the team rises or falls on people’s level of commitment. It’s the quickest way dreams die – people stop believing and are therefore no longer committed to the dream.

Tweet ThisWhen there’s no room for innovation or creativity, work is simply a means to put bread on the table.

We commit to the projects that we can contribute to creatively, the projects we have ownership of. We do everything we can to see them to fruition! Think about the last project you worked on like that. Did you enjoy going to work? Did you leave at the end of the day feeling energized even though it may have been a full hard day!?

There’s a huge difference in the quality of work you’re getting out of your team when they feel their ideas are appreciated and utilized. Would you rather have people who show up because they are committed to the paycheck, or people that are committed to the mission and purpose of the team?

A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected. And also will be more committed to the cause.

“It reminded me of just a few years before when I was sitting in the back of a car and had made the mistake of thinking big ideas are what change the world. Now, I know better. Ideas are just the beginning. Passion can only get you so far. What it really takes to find meaningful work in this world is commitment.” ~ Jeff Goins

That’s the team we’re trying to build at Cherwell. Committed to the cause, happier, more innovative and more effective because of it!

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The ideas for this blog entry came from the “The 5 Dysfunctions of Team” by Patrick Lencioni.