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The Heart of IT Beats Strong at CGC

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With just weeks to go, Cherwell is ramping up for this year’s Cherwell Global Conference (CGC)! Do you have plans the week of October 2nd? We hope you take advantage of this unique opportunity to share ideas, cultivate relationships, and celebrate the heart of IT. At Cherwell, not a day goes by without celebrating our customer community. This annual event brings together the celebration of the year. Every aspect of the conference, from location to presentations to timing, is crafted to serve and inspire you.

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We welcome you with open arms and we will do our very best to make this a valuable and memorable experience for you.

Build life-long relationships and connections: Nearly any event promises to widen your network of connections. But at the CGC, we think you’ll find you’re not just taking home a collection of business cards and LinkedIn requests, but also building meaningful friendships. Here’s how strong these friendships are: One group of women, who met initially at a Cherwell Global Conference years back, has an annual girls’ weekend together. The initial spark of connection that began at the CGC has led to life-long friendships.

Share ideas: The heart of IT starts with you. We provide the opportunity to share tips and exchange wisdom—expert panels and sessions are a great opportunity for learning, but more importantly, the conversations you have between events and during meals will be just as valuable.

Get involved: We talk a lot at Cherwell about putting customers first—and it’s not just lip service. We’re eager to hear what you want out of Cherwell—this conference presents a great opportunity to share your feedback and help determine the future growth of Cherwell’s products. Your feedback is the primary influence on Cherwell’s priorities and strategies.

You are truly at the center of this conference— we can’t wait to see what you’re all up to, and experience another memorable event together!

Are you interested in attending one of the best vendor events out there? Be sure you register for the 4th Annual CGC today!