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The Marketing Four Ps — Promotion Gets My Attention Every Time

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Every marketeer…and every business school graduate…knows the “four Ps,” the traditional marketing mix — pre 2000 and the explosion of digital marketing and Social Media — that leads all marketing strategy: product, price, packing and promotion. The Four Ps still stand tall and proud in the marketing world, but as a marketeer, promotion is the P that most gets my attention.

Yes, of course, promotion is the act — or art — of sharing information about your product or service with the goal of winning over your target audience — making a sale, creating a customer. What’s your unique value proposition? How do you differ from your competitors? What’s your elevator pitch? Why should a prospect choose you…and once they have, how do you deliver on your brand promise? Promotion takes many, many forms that have now become part of our daily lives, both personal and professional.

This leads me to question how help desks/service desks are promoting themselves to their target audience, whether its internal clients or external ones. How are you doing this? And, if you’re not, you should be! You are selling your service…your offering…your expertise…your contributions to the bottom line. Just as marketing needs to promote its value to the organization it serves, so does a help desk.

My mother likes to say, “Sometimes, you need to toot your own horn because no one else will.”

Are you tooting your horn? Are you leaning on it? Are you horn-less?

Let us know, and let us know the impact your horn is having on the help desk’s profile and position within your organisation.