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The One Thing that Drives a Service Desk – Process

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The One Thing that Drives a Service Desk - ProcessAs everyone who works on a Service Desk knows, processes ensure service delivery is consistent, managed effectively and that everyone is working towards the same goal. The one thing that can really mess this up is human intervention, which is why process integration and automation is critical to successfully deliver business services.

Someone recently made this statement. It was Steve Beavis, one of Cherwell’s senior solution consultants, who made this declaration while presenting a Process Integration & Automation webinar with our partner Bomgar.

As Steve says, “All people have their unique ways that work for them, and they want to apply these ways to their day jobs. If this happens, customers will have different experience and see different result from different people on the Service Desk. You need to bring everything together and harmonize and automate so human intervention doesn’t diminish the consistent service you’re aiming to provide.”

This reminded me of something I’ve heard Ben Wigley (Head of IT Service Delivery at say when he speaks about the huge transformation made with establishing a single-point-of-contact ITSM Service Desk. When Ben started at, the Service Desk used a basic email system for logging tickets. Many tickets went missing resulting in multiple, repeat tickets and customer having low visibility as to what was happening. Because of this, staff would often just go to someone they knew in IT to get their problem fixed. This resulted in lots of fire fighting and support provided by a few ‘heroes’. Under Ben’s leadership, established a single point-of-contact Service Desk with a mantra: Put strong structure, processes and procedures in place. There would be no more heroes. The whole Service Desk would stand up as one.

So by automating processes, you can enhance the customer experience by taking away the human factor. Pause. This may be alarming as we often associate great customer experience/service with human intervention. However, having the right processes in place, and the right automation in place, delivers a high level service and gives the Service Desk team the needed room and time to focus on bigger projects, deliver more value and build stronger relationships with the business. If you combine process automation with process integration, you can realise increased productivity, efficiency and faster decision making.

Tell us how process integration and automation is helping your Service Desk.

If you need some help getting started, or moving forward from where you are, have a look at the whitepaper we produced, on this topic, in conjunction with the SDI.