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The Sci-Fi Powers of the SaaS and On-Premise Combination

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If you’re materializing your business body in a muscular way, or if you’re maintaining a healthy corporate form, ITSM vendors that provide quality service as both and On-premise and SaaS (cloud-based) have the means to fit your current and future existence.If you are a growing business, getting up to fight weight so to speak, the SaaS model might be your best option. Businesses now gather data to create a better view of their customers that is subject to rapid change. Or sometimes, businesses gain popularity almost overnight. In both cases, the rate of growth has to fit the market’s demand.

Likewise, a SaaS model can rapidly increase the capacity to match your business. When you’re growing, the future is not always so clear—you’re not Winston Niles Rumfoord, are you? Course not. So you don’t want to pay an up-front fixed price for a service you’re not sure you’ll need; but you’ll be sorry if you do need it and don’t have it. SaaS will only track the capabilities you actually use, and charge accordingly. This way, your business can exist at potential points in size across time.

Other times, your business will condense into a specific state with a steady rate. This form may need the stability of an On-premise ITSM. This way, you can pay up front for licenses that are limited, but perpetual.

A combination of SaaS and On-premise services also allow a company to grow into new locations. The internet has connected customers to businesses across a wider distance than ever before. Now, you can find a market for your product or service on the other side of the nation, or on the side of the globe. Universe, not yet—that pesky chrono-synclastic infundibulum getting in the way. Still, your business can potentially exist at any locational point when using SaaS.

If this isn’t a factor, your business might better match an On-premise implementation. But you never know when the market will morph, and your business will need to go through a metamorphosis of its own.

Some say the security of the data may be more solid in On-premise options. This, of course, is not negotiable. Whether it’s SaaS or On-premise, you should trust the vendor to keep your business data secure.

And no, the cloud isn’t some science fiction term from the brain of Kurt Vonnegut.