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The Service Desk Comes of Age

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The other day, I realised the Service Desk industry has matured to such an extent it now encompasses so much more than ITSM. Thank goodness for progress! That’s not to say ITSM and ITIL have become irrelevant but rather, theThe Service Desk Comes of Agere is now so much influence from other business principles. The prominent ‘other’ business driver is ‘customer experience’ although it’s interesting that I didn’t hear this term used in the SDI conference sessions I attended last week. Perhaps in this context, the phrase is Business Experience, who knows, I guess it doesn’t matter. The point is, the Service Desk and IT as a business function now fully acknowledge that outside-in thinking is here, and if it’s ignored, customers will tell you quickly; and they will be brutally honest!Kate Wignall, Global Head of IT Service Desk for Retail and Investment Banking at Barclays Bank PLC, gave a wonderful presentation, describing how their four, core, world-wide Service Desks have adopted a series of programmes to operate from outside-in principles. She used a fantastic phrase, “deliver what your customers want, not what you think you’re good at”. The Barclays Service Desks immerse themselves in their customers’ business. They align the Service Desk team(s) to the business they support by bringing senior business users in to talk with the team and brief them on what they do and how they use technology. They also carry out exchanges and visits via their ‘plugged in’ programme, providing the ability to deliver Service Desk services directly in the customers’ environments and allow the Service Desk to see the business context of technology in action.Service Desks around the world should learn from the great work of organisations and leaders such as Kate Wignall. These professional truly walk-the-walk in blending CX (customer experience) with ITSM to provide services that are personal, timely, relevant and most of all, of value to the business.

Tell us your stories of CX applied to your Service Desk. We’d love to hear them.

This blog is from Simon Kent, Head of Customer Experience, EMEA at Cherwell Software.