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The University of ITIL! Why not?

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The University of ITIL!  Why not?The University of ITIL!  Why not?This year, Axelos, a new ITIL partnership between the U.K. Cabinet Office and Capita, will take over the stewardship of ITIL. We all have our opinions as to the potential success or failure of that union. One thing for sure: it will keep us all chattering through our various social media connections.

Starting with a price increase is not an auspicious start, but it is probably best to have the increase immediately and get the controversy out of the way rather than after a year or so. All products undergo price increases at some time, so this can be regarded as inevitable. However, it is how the money is spent that really matters.

There are many ways that the increased revenues can be spent, and gaming technology could a great source to plough back some of that cash. In April 2013, Capita purchased G2G3, a gaming software company, which was a bold and interesting move because we can be sure that gaming education will become prevalent—adding what could be a new and exciting dimension. Children learn primarily through play and can learn new languages very quickly via the medium of play. The danger, however, is that the use of gaming technology could cause financial and logistical issues for smaller education companies currently offering more traditional educational methods.

Over the last 20 years or so, ITSM has progressed from a distant back office to a genuine profession. So, why isn’t it taught in many universities and colleges? Why not a bachelor’s degree in ITSM? New entrants are coming into ITSM with all types of degrees and qualifications which provide no basic skills in ITSM. They are raw and completely naive towards ITSM. Wouldn’t it be great to interview young potential entrants who can talk intelligently about ITSM and supporting subjects such as ITIL, COBIT, M_o_R, Prince2, and the various ISOs? It would be a boost in the arm for our profession if some of this extra revenue was to be invested in working with educational authorities to try to get the concept of ITIL taught in universities. ITIL university—why not? Much more remote and vague subjects are taught at universities. Plus, the books already exist.

Whoever owns change management holds the success of their organization in their hands. Just look at some of the outages recently. Surely this role demands a skilled and well educated team. Ignoring ITSM or under investing in ITSM is very dangerous.

My request is that Axelos invest some money in preparing young folks with the right education from universities and ITIL induction for newbies. How do you think the new partnership can best impact the ITSM industry?