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3 Innovative Ways Your IT Department Can Celebrate Earth Day

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Earth DayWith hundreds of events planned in cities around the globe, there is no shortage of ways to mark the 44th celebration of eco-friendliness and planet conservation. In the spirit of Earth Day, we would like to share ways you can help your IT department conserve and protect the environment. Together, we have brainstormed and collectively chosen to highlight three areas your organization can provide protection and eco-friendliness:

  1. Managing HVAC through a Home Automation Program Once all your employees go home for the evening, your facilities manager can monitor the electric usage through an automation feature in a security system. The facility manager can choose to alter air, electricity, and temperature using an IT Service Management app. Your efforts to minimize usage will conserve energy and cut down on costs. Over time, you can then build custom dashboards in your ITSM tool to illustrate how energy and cost-efficient your company has been.
  2. Streamline your processes – this helps save the Earth? Yes, it most certainly can. The University of Colorado, Colorado Springs stored file cabinets upon file cabinets dedicated to every student that applied to the university. Today, they partner with Cherwell Service Management which has helped them move to a completely paperless university. They track and manage each applicant through CSM. They can now track how many people were accepted, how many where rejected, and tasks for that student to be successful in their on-boarding process.
  3. Replacing all CRT Monitors with LED Monitors. You would be amazed at how much energy your company would save overall by switching from clunky, retro, t-rex size monitors to lean, energy-efficient, dynamic LED monitors. What to do with the old ones, how does it help the environment when you have a whole bunch of monitors to get rid of, you ask. Well here are ways to recycle.

Bonus Energy Saver: Empower your co-workers to produce their own energy with a stationary bicycle generator. In this innovate way, they can power up their computer and once they stop, their computer will go into Power Save mode. (We really don’t suggest this idea, but wouldn’t it be cool?!)

Rather you use our ideas or not, we hope that this sparks interest for you to help save our beautiful Earth. What are some ways you are using your ITSM tool to help? We would love to hear from you!