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Three Ways to Tell a Better ITSM Story: Cherwell 4.60

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Cherwell Service Management 4.60 ITSM solutionAs I am typing, the song “Superman (It’s Not Easy)” by Five for Fighting is in the background—an appropriate segway to my blog. It’s not easy being an IT technician these days is it? Does it ever feel to you like the rest of the business is encroaching on IT? Do you feel like IT is losing control? Everywhere you turn, it’s all about the employees. BYOD, Consumerization, Collaboration, etc. The list goes on and on.

Honestly, it get’s to the point where you want to raise your hand and say “Hello, remember IT? We are still here. We still know a thing or two about hardware and software.” Or you want to go the other direction and become draconian and try to rule with an iron fist.

Here at Cherwell, we are constantly adding new features and functionalities to our product that will make you more efficient and effective. We also stay current on how IT is interacting with their employees, and look for ways that we can assist.

I think it’s why I am so excited about our upcoming Cherwell Service Management 4.60 ITSM solution.  There are three things in particular that will help you tell a better story in your organization:

Business Value Dashboards

I would imagine that your current dashboard of your legacy system might show the following three data points: Incidents Re-Opened, Customer Survey Results, and First Call Resolution. Each data point by itself doesn’t really have a lot of relevancy. Value comes from detecting patterns.

Cherwell’s new Business-Value Dashboards now allow you to track multiple series of data points so you can compare values to detect patterns or trends. Imagine if you created a chart that graphed the three data points on one graph. You notice that as the First Call Resolution rates go up, the re-open rate is also rising, and customer satisfaction survey is going down.

Now you can do something proactively and show value to the organization.


If you have been reading any of my blogs, you know that I am a huge proponent of collaboration. Vendors in the ITSM space are all trying to “do” social collaboration. For some, it is linking to social media like Twitter and Facebook. Others are creating a look and feel of say…a Facebook.

Using Cherwell’s new discussion board (collaboration) not only enables employees to interact with each other and IT on an informal basis, it provides employees a compelling reason to use the Self-Service Portal vs. other social media outlets…giving you some of the control you need.

When you add the power to be able view the discussion board from any form within Cherwell and directly create an Incident, Problem or Change from that discussion board, collaboration becomes true collaboration that is not a time-waster.

Mobile Devices

Will tablets beat PCs? Will the Android or Apple rule the world? While bloggers spend pages arguing which devices will rule, you are just trying to get your job done—and you will use whatever device is handy, whether it’s a tablet or mobile phone. Cherwell Service Management’s iOS application now has a number of new capabilities including:

  • Location Awareness: Locate Incidents near you or locate a printer that is the focus of an Incident you are working on.
  • Camera Features: Use the built-in camera to take a photo and attach it to your record, or scan a barcode to quickly view an asset stored in Cherwell Service Management.

These new features not only increase mobile efficiency, performance, and convenience, they also improve data reliability.

We believe better technology is key to helping you and your IT department tell better stories in your own organization. It may not be easy to be an IT technician, but with Cherwell Service Management we hope you can feel a bit more like Superman!