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To Code or Not to Code – That is The Question

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I always find it a challenge when I’m trying to explain to potential partners and prospects that Cherwell Service Management is a completely configurable solution that requires no

Codeless Business Application Technology

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coding or scripting to configure it to specific business requirements. The response is often, “So are other products.”

At Cherwell Software, we describe our ITSM solution as being truly codeless and completely configurable so that our customers can do business the way they want to do business. And, you know what, our customers agree!

The ITSM Review is currently finalising a  competitive review of 19 IT service management tools, the output from which form a soon-to-be-published detailed report; however, it has published a sneak peak for one aspect of the report, customisation: How aligned are ITSM tool vendors to their customers?

If you click the link you can read the post, but in a nutshell, it says that Cherwell Software believes its product to be easily customisable in-house, and their customers agree.  The post reports that  Cherwell Software considers its ITSM solution  to be a ’1’ with regard to the ease at which the tool can be configured (where 1 is “I can tweak everything myself”  and 10 means “I’m not autonomous and need to get consultants in to help.”, and Cherwell customers agreed by scoring it ’1.3’.

This is music to our ears especially to those in our product and development teams who aim to put our customers, and their needs, first when it comes to product development, updates and enhancements.

So, to code or not to code? I know which I would prefer! And, I know the preference of our customers is as well – because they keep telling us.