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Top 5 Technology Predictions for 2015

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img_future_of_techYes, it is that time of year when everyone starts to make predictions about what products, technologies and/or solutions will be ‘big’ in the coming year. We love these predictions, so we too jumped in and spoke with one of our own tech experts, our Director of Product Management Joshua Caid, to hear his thoughts on some of the more interesting technology trends forecasted for the cloud, security and architecture, technology-savvy customers, social, and business technology in general.

Firstly, a little bit about Joshua:

  • He has been managing best-of-breed software products in the CRM and IT service management (ITSM) spaces for more than 15 years.
  • He is a practitioner of Pragmatic Marketing and is certified in ITIL® framework best practices.
  • He has a passion for creating software that makes people’s day-to-day lives better by solving real-world problems.

Here are five of Joshua’s top tech predictions for 2015:

  1. BYOD is too complex to manage manually. BYOD is still increasingly important to employees (and thus their organizations). However, we haven’t seen a lot of movement in 2014 in the device management space, and companies are still left to struggle with the “BYOD or not to BYOD?” question. If a company does not emerge as a serious player with a technology-based solution for device management, we will see companies decide against BYOD in 2015 because it’s too complex to manage manually.
  2. Identity crisis for enterprise LOB software. Enterprise line-of-business software will have an identity crisis in 2015. Consumers now expect very, easy-to-use software. Users will demand that this level of user experience be applied to their everyday business software.
  3. Cloud vs. on premise solutions will start to segment by industry. In 2015, we’ll begin to see a market segmentation in technology choices, primarily by vertical markets. Some industries will trust the cloud for their data, and others, such as financial services and healthcare, will start to question (rightly or wrongly) if they want to store their data with a third party.
  4. High focus on security. Companies are much more aware of security, at all organizational levels, due to major breaches in 2014. Even consumers are now wary.
  5. A strong trend towards marketing security expertise. Many organizations are questioning “the cloud” as a safe zone for security experts, even as their own datacenters experience many of the same issues. Cloud providers will increasingly market themselves as security experts, and consumers and organizations will re-evaluate cloud providers given the nature and frequency of high profile 2014 breaches. Companies will also demand more of cloud providers, requiring vendor assurances such as standard compliance, proof of security, and data handling best practices.

What do you think of Joshua’s predictions? Do you have any others to add to the tech predictions list, or, do you think Joshua is spot on?

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