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What Can ITSM Learn from the Timpson Group?

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At the recent U.K. SDI conference, I was surprised — at first — to hear a keynote address from James Timpson, the MD of the Timpson Group. For those of you outside the U.K., Timpson is a successful family business and the U.K.’s largest shoe repair, key cutter, engraver, and watch repair business. John and his father run the business — 3,000 “colleagues” that together run and manage more than 900 Timpson stores.

Now, what do a shoe repair, key cutter, and engraver business have to do with IT Service Management (ITSM)?

Well, nothing really.

But the company’s strong focus on delivering outstanding customer service is something that everyone in the service desk sphere can learn from and is something that us here at Cherwell take to heart —putting customers first, listening to our customers’ needs.

The Timpson management culture drives the ideas that those who serve customers are the most important people in the business. These are the people on the front lines. These are the people who can make or break a company. These are the people who can keep happy customers happy and make unhappy customers happy. These people are the “face” of Timpson.

So, this led me to wonder how many people serving a first line support role on a service desk are treated as the most important person within their team. If your company has a management style similar to Timpson, let us know and share some ideas for how to make the customer king — customer inside and outside an organization.