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What’s on your Service Desk Wish List? Go on. Tell Us.

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Everyone has made a wish list at some point in their life, and most likely, it involved things you want for your personal life or want to change about our personal life. I remember spending a Saturday with a friend in a big department store while she created a wedding registry wish list by using an electronic device to ‘zap’ the bar code of everything in the store that grabbed her attention. She thought it was great (she giggled her way through china, linens, etc.), and I must admit, it was fun. If for nothing else, she would wish and dream about what people may buy her for a wedding present. She wasn’t the slightest upset when I told her I would not buy her, and her soon-to-be-husband, a $200 duvet cover.

But, how many of us have made a wish list that involved our job or career? My husband recently changed jobs, and before he did so, he wrote down what he really wanted from his next job — the actual work itself but also the location, the type of people/team he would work with, travel requirements, distance from home, flexibility in regards to working location, etc. When a job offer came through, he could accept or reject it based on his wish list.

I admit that I have never made an actual job wish list. I have often been asked in job interviews what I’m looking for or to describe my idea job, but once in a role, I’ve never had a manager who has asked me if I’m happy in that role, or how I would like to grow/develop that role or how I’d like my role to change or what I’d really like to do in my role.

Now, of course, roles are in existence to meet particular business needs. Fine. We all get that. But, if we were given the opportunity to express how we’d like to grow, develop, change the role, and the potential was there, from the employer side. Wouldn’t that create a happier work force and more committed, focused staff?

So, we’re offering you this—at least, to tell us. In collaboration with Servicedesk360, we are asking service desk and helpdesk staff, service desk managers, helpdesk managers and IT management to let us know what’s on their service desk and helpdesk wish list. We want to know all of the things you struggle to achieve, build, put into place—the things you’re interested in that you think could make a real difference in the way IT supports the business.  So, what’s on your wish list?

I asked this question to a few people on Cherwell Software’s service desk team, and here are two ‘I wish’ items on their wish lists:

  • I wish the different service desk teams could do an exchange program.
  • I wish customers\partners could come and meet the service desk team.

Now it’s your turn. Go on. Tell us what’s on your service desk wish list.