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When Service Desk Professionals Show Up

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Here in North America we are in the midst of American Football (or as some of you refer to it — Gridiron) playoffs and bowl games. The Superbowl is Sunday! I keep hearing sportscasters and analysts say, “He didn’t show up” or “If only he had shown up” when an individual is not performing well. Also, you’ve probably heard the phrase, “Showing up is half the battle,” or Woody Allen’s quote, “Eighty percent of success is showing up.” What if we applied that to IT? What if, in trying to show value to the business, showing up was half the battle for IT?

I know it’s not always easy to just “show up.”  We often prefer to:

  • distance ourselves from the frustration that employees are experiencing when something breaks or doesn’t work
  • deal with issues from the confines of our cubicle
  • be more productive by only dealing with issues via email
  • not have to engage in “small” talk with employees

In fact, I had a friend state that one of the reasons he worked the help desk/service desk was because he wanted to interact with people, but not face to face.

But IT is feeling the pressure (and rightly so) to show value to the company. Does that list above scream value? Consider what it would look like if IT would:

  • physically visit employees and help them
  • celebrate the wins of fellow team members by acknowledging a quick or creative solution
  • take a little extra time when they are with employees to engage in “small talk”

If it is really true that “showing up is half the battle,” maybe IT could show their value to the organization by showing up when employees least expect it. What do you think? Would this show value? Would anything change in your organization if IT “showed up”?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.