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Why I Joined Team Cherwell – Jarod Greene

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Change is always scary – especially when you tender your resignation to one of Glassdoor’s Top 20 companies to work for after having worked there for 10 years. When I’m asked why I left, I’m quick to remind people that it’s not about what I left, it’s about what I joined. The difference seems slight but is significant. I joined Cherwell Software for five reasons: Customers, Culture, Character, Codeless Design and Choice.


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During the past 10 years, I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of the IT service management (ITSM) conversation from a perspective that not many people in the world will ever have. I’ve had thousands of conversations and interactions with both the IT industry’s foremost intellectuals, many of the world’s most complex IT organizations, and the top IT vendors and solution providers. The ITSM community is full of passionate individuals who take an extreme pride in their work, who make it their mission to help their organizations solve some of the most challenging technology-oriented problems. As both a Content Specialist and Research Analyst, I loved helping these people solve problems, and I grew to be pretty good at it. In particular, the work during the past two years in providing alternative approaches to traditional ITSM practices was very well received to the tune of accolades and formal recognition from my peers. It was during this same period when I realized that most of the conversations with ITSM practitioners revolved around a similar theme. They had good people, and they had process frameworks to follow, but the tools had somehow let them down. I certainly didn’t disagree – I was part of the team that delivered the 2X2 document that placed no vendors in the upper right space. I felt the ITSM tool landscape was comprised of vendors with a range of resources, content with trotting out the same old solution in a new delivery model, except for the bootstrapping upstart bent on changing the way IT service management is performed and helping their customers achieve success in the process. That vendor is the one I’m proud to work for now. 

I wanted to be a part of the team that delivers the best ITSM solution on the market and helps customers achieve success at levels previously unattainable. Cherwell Software™ is 100 percent committed to helping its customers solve problems…the same cause I am and always will be 100 percent committed to.

Culture and Character
There is something different about the way the ITSM community talks about Cherwell Software. You don’t hear stories of over-promising and under-delivering. You don’t hear stories about sales professionals who act anything but. You don’t hear stories about poor technical support. During the last five years, I learned that this is all by strategic design. The culture at Cherwell Software is special. It’s driven from the top down and part of every interaction internally, which is reinforced through every interaction with a partner, prospect or customer. Cherwell puts customers first and employees second above all else. The leadership carries itself with honor and dignity. They are transparent in every way, shape and form and have a single focus in mind. You can’t not get excited about Cherwell – I’d challenge anyone to try. During the past four years, every interaction I’ve had with a member of team Cherwell has been nothing but a positive experience, even when the potential for the interaction to get contentious was high. 

I wanted to be a part of the culture that shows the rest of the ITSM industry that you can provide a world class offering, while holding true to your timeless values in the process. You would be hard pressed to find another company with the same level of character and core values.

Tweet This: Every interaction I’ve had with a member of Team Cherwell has been nothing but positive. 

Codeless Design and Choice
I found that on average, IT organizations swapped out their ITSM tools once every five years. Often, they found the overhead costs of the tool far outweighed the value it provided and perceiving the market as commoditized, were more than able to find a comparable solution at a much lower price. And this was the start of the same issue, all over again. IT organizations were quick to customize their solution, straying further and further away from what came out of the box to meet a variety of needs that the solution was never intended to do. Of course this wasn’t done maliciously – but rather at the suggestion of the vendor, who promised to deliver a solution that was infinitely configurable and customizable and wouldn’t break when it was time to upgrade the product. It was then at the time of upgrade when the customer found out this wasn’t the case and needed costly resources to get to the next version of the product. SaaS promised to solve some of this, but I also started to see the other side of lock-in when customers had little recourse should their vendor change pricing models in the middle of the relationship.

That’s not how it works at Cherwell. Customers are offered a solution that is highly configurable, based on the fact that design (and re-design) of the solution is truly codeless. IT organizations cannot fall into the customization trap because Cherwell simply won’t allow them to. Upgrades are seamless – taking hours, not months. This goes beyond customer testimonials – talk to any Cherwell System Administrator who held the same role for a previous product. Furthermore, Cherwell offers a choice of financial and deployment model that the rest of the ITSM industry has yet to catch up on. I can’t say enough about the flexibility of this solution. In wanting to offer the most advanced and innovative ITSM solution to the market, a platform flexible enough to not only meet my “crazy” was an absolute must. Cherwell does, and will continue to bring innovative technology to the market and enable IT organizations to become the business partners they aspire to be. The goals at Team Cherwell are big and scary – but very much attainable. I joined to wear many hats along the way and couldn’t be more excited.

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