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Preparing For Your Windows 7 Migration with Express Software Manager

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If you’re an Express Metrix customer planning to upgrade to Windows 7, don’t forget that Express Software Manager has rich hardware and software asset management functionality that will help you plan, budget for, and manage your migration. One principal area of focus for your pre-migration planning relates to determining which of your existing applications will work with the new OS, and whether your PCs have the capacity to support the upgrade.

From a hardware readiness standpoint, Express Software Manager can inventory all your PCs to determine their CPUs, amount of memory, disk space, and any other hardware attributes that may be important to your migration. With this information, you can determine whether you need to upgrade your machines, free up space, or replace them altogether.

The other major area of consideration is the potential impact of the upgrade on your currently deployed software and associated licenses. First, you need to assess which of your existing applications are compatible with the new OS. If you’re aware of application conflicts, you can use Express Software Manager’s software inventory reports to locate machines running those applications and take appropriate action. If you plan to upgrade certain applications along with the OS, you should also examine your software metering reports to determine whether they are, in fact, being used. If not, you’ll want to renegotiate your licenses agreements when they come due so you’re paying only for what’s actually being used.