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Yes! IT Can Support the Working Style Revolution

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Google Enterprise VP Sebastien Marotte just gave his take to the BBC about how the way we work is going to change. Marotte highlights many of the ideas we — and our peers such as Gartner’s Jarod Greene — believe will become the norm.

In my recent webinar about Social IT, I introduced the following challenge: customers of IT have an increasingly high expectation for IT to deliver the same level of rich content, collaboration, mobility and social interaction they use every day outside of work.

I was pleased to see this view echoed in Marotte’s article. Marotte states that for most of us, using social media tools to organize our personal lives has become the norm, but using social media tools for our professional lives is a different story. Marotte goes on to say that this will change. These tools are now available in the workplace, and they will change our traditional ways of working.

Can IT rise to this challenge and provide services to support this revolutionary change?  I say, “Yes!”