9.6 Issues
CSM/CAM Version : CSM 9.60

This post is to start discussions on v9.6.x issues. If believe you've discovered a defect, be sure to log the issue with Support and work with them to confirm the issue is a defect. If you have experienced an issue with v9.6.x and have figured out a solution, please share here.

Issue list so far:

Issue: Outbound email from CSM are not marking themselves as read
Cherwell Support Ticket(s): 347731
Status: Pending Investigation

Issue: Installing CSM on a drive letter other than C, results in "Cherwell Service Host" to not start and CherwellMQS to not be installed
Cherwell Support Ticket(s): 346944 (DR44937 w/Fix ETA in 9.7)
Status: Confirmed by support. Per my (Kelson) notes, in partnering with support, there may be a workaround which may be problematic for some resulting in more challenging workaround/installation.

  • Workaround 1: Install Cherwell on your C-Drive. (May not be an option based on corporate policy or other restrictions in your company environment
  • Workaround 2
    • Step 1 - Completely uninstall Cherwell and remove all references to the install from files/folders (YOu can keep the DB).
    • Step 2 - Delete/remove the folder location of where you want to install the application (i.e. Remove the entire folder structure for e:\Program Files (x86)\...).
      • If there are other applications installed in the same root folder [i.e. e:\Program Files (x86)] then this workaround may not work for your environment, or you may need to uninstall those other applications AND reinstall after enablining 8DOT3 on the drive letter
    • Step 3 - Enable 8DOT3 on the destination drive (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-server/administration/windows-commands/fsutil-8dot3name). 
    • Step 4 - Manually create install folder locations (i.e. CMD action -> MD "e:\Program Files (x86)\Cherwell Service Management" AND MD "e:\Program Files (x86)\Cherwell Service Management").
    • Step 5 - Identify the 8DOT3 name for install path folders (i.e. e:\Progra~1\Cherwe~1 | e:\Progra~1\Cherwe~2).
    • Step 6 - Install Cherwell using the 8DOT3 folder paths identified in Step 5 

Issue: Embedded forms within embedded forms no longer works in Portal and Web Client
Cherwell Support Ticket(s): 348752 (DR16526 w/Fix ETA 9.6.2)
Status: Confirmed by support, functionality no longer works. The unintended functionality has been present for over 5 years and now is no longer available. No documentation provided by Cherwell of the removal of this functionality.
Workaround/Recommendation: Support recommends re-designing all forms that utilize this capability. There is also a idea posted that needs additional up-votes from interested users to allow this capability for all of CSM (https://cherwell.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Allow-nesting-of-embedded-forms/309465-44235). I encourage anyone who is impacted by this "fix" to reach out to any and all contacts to escalate this issue with Cherwell Corporate. If this capability was a defect that needed to be patched, where is the support documentation to suggest this capability no longer exists and that this is an intended patch. A capability that existed for over 5 years no longer works.

Issue: Automation processes aren't triggering
Cherwell Support Ticket(s): Unknown - Information provided by Graham Moore and Jay Betancourt
Status: Unknown

Issue: Scheduler timeouts ("Scheduled Item exceeded allowed run length")
Cherwell Support Ticket(s): 
DR44932 w/ETA Fix for 9.6.2
Still investigating. At minimum it appears to affect LDAP imports and a workaround exists to increase the timeout period from 20 to 180.

Issue: Unable to resize font or headers in grid on dashboard
Cherwell Support Ticket(s): Unknown - Reported by Stepuluk and MartSinimaa
Status: Unknown

Issue: Specifics will not load
Cherwell Support Ticket(s): Unknown - Reported by ajones
Status: Unknown

Issue: ASP.NET Runtime errors when accessing web components
Cherwell Support Ticket(s): 346945
Status: Solution - Uninstall and reinstall 9.6 Browser/portal apps

Issue: User unable to see new "Design buttons"
Cherwell Support Ticket(s): DR 44918
Status: Reported by MartSinimaa. not sure the description of how to reproduce or to determine if this affects others. Unsure of when this was introduced, but didn't exist in 9.5.2