Link directly to document in repository

First - we are hosted. limited access to servers and database server.

We want to put links in the major objects, Change, Problem and Incident, that open reference guides that detail our organizational processes and procedures for those items. It should be available as a link, in every record.

Why not link to an intranet site you may ask?

Well, First, because i shouldn't have to... but second because my Cherwell implementation is used between 2 corps. (parent and child) on 2 different networks that are legally required to have no trust relationships that would permit a link like that to work. I don't want conditional links based on who is logged in, that'll be difficult to manage.

I have a one-step that opens a document repository but then you have to choose the file. I think we can take it a step further. I can't figure out how. I have read just about everything on this forum about document repositories and don't see anyone detailing how to accomplish this easily. There have been links to the Portal to get to the document - but again - we are hosted. I don't want  people to have to log in every time they want to reference the document.

A few people have referenced the fact that they have been able to do this, but didn't say how. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

  • There's not a way to link directly to the file within a document repository in the rich client.

    Users may have had luck linking directly to a file that's on a shared network drive, or opening URL to a file, or even linking directly to the file in the portal.

    However, I don't believe there's a way to successfully accomplish this in the rich client.

    I agree, this shouldn't be a problem, but it is not something that the tool will let you do. Definitely submit a support ticket / dev request for it with Cherwell support.

    If these are documents that you could copy / paste from, you may be able to create Knowledge Articles or some other content within your Cherwell system that captures this information, and have the links take the user to that record within Cherwell. Many organizations choose to place such reference material in their knowledge base, so linking to it there may be useful depending on your needs. 

    Expanding on that, if it's a file that was more than just text, you may be able to attach it to a knowledge article in addition to other content posted on it, but really this is little more than linking to your document repository (with the addition of a title and description on a knowledge article, for comparison).

    I don't think the option of using conditional links to manage which page to open will be quite that difficult, though it would take some more work. Depending on the data being imported with your users, it should be fairly simple to define a condition that identifies which corporation they're with (For example, which domain they're associated with, or even just what domain is included in their email address) and save that as a stored expression, to be used in other areas of the system to determine which base URL may be necessary for your links. 

    If by 'difficult to manage' you are referring to a concept of having to update these links within the one-steps every time they change, you could instead create a lookup table to hold the link values, and use Metrics to retrieve the current values from the lookup tables, so that you can update them from the lookup table and they'd be updated everywhere they're referenced from.

    Feel free to let us know any other questions you might have in this area, it is a challenge that multiple other organizations have run into and there isn't a very clear solution to it.