9.4.x Issues
CSM/CAM Version : CSM 9.40

Updated 9/25/2018 IF YOU HAVE A DR Number from support, please include in an update. Also, if you see a defect that has been reported in this thread but haven't already contacted support, make sure to contact support and report the issue. There is a higher chance of quicker resolution on items reported with a higher-volume of issues. Get your tickets submitted.

First off, I'm super excited about some of the new functionality provided in v9.4, especially around responsive dashboards. Hopefully it'll continue to advance quickly with some even more improved functionality.

As for issues/defects, please be mindful we just installed this today and have found, what appears to us, as defects. We have reported them and hope there is a simple solution without having to wait for another version. As we continue to test I'll document and update as appropriate. If there are other items people find, please reach out to Cherwell Support first and document as much as possible with them. Hopefully they can easily document issues to be addressed and get them fixed ASAP 

  1. v9.4.0: Dashboard Control links in the portal that contain an image and text will result in the image being overwritten by text from the control (Cherwell Support Ticket 275698 DR44173)
  2. v9.4.0: Dashboard Control Links in the portal that are set with an Image AND have a middle vertical alignment AND a left horizontal alignment results in the xml/html/code being shown in the portal (Cherwell Support Ticket 275698 DR44173)
  3. v9.4.0: Dashboard editor - If you change the setting on the "Base Layout (2000)" adaptive layout the dashboard controls will be jumbled around and will result in a lot of work to make the dashboard look the way you want it (Cherwell Support Ticket 275708 DR44209)
    • (Updated 7/26/2018): After doing some additional investigation, this appears to be a direct correlation to Anchoring (Left and/or Top being disabled). It also appears as though after an upgrade the default width is extremely large (2000), so if you want to adjust the width to something smaller, any widgets/controls that are set without Left/Top anchors will result in an undesirable look/feel which will require additional work to make things look/feel/respond appropriately for users

    • Before changing width/height on base layout

    • After changing width/height on base layout

I'm sure there will be more...