Upload an Attachment to Incident via REST API
CSM/CAM Version : CSM 9.X

Hi all,

we want to upload attachments from Jira into Cherwell using the REST API.

I tried in swagger with  /api/V1/savebusinessobjectattachmentlink

however, in swagger I always end up with responsecode 400

The Input:
{ "busObId": "6dd53665c0c24cab86870a21cf6434ae",

"busObName": "Incident",

"busObPublicId": "102293",

"busObRecId": "94369b9908923183d9645245a4aa44b03ed48ad4c4",

"comment": "Test",

"displayText": "Test",

"includeLinks": true,

"uncFilePath": "\\localhost\C$\Temp\atlassian-plugin.xml" }

I tried several variants for uncFilePath, but None worked so far.

Any help would be appreciated.

Using 9.3.1