Handling Service Requests as Tasks

I'm interested in how others might be handling Service Requests as Tasks.

As we're building out our Service Catalog we're increasingly coming up on Service Requests that have a number of Tasks that are required to process that request. Many of those Tasks are already stand alone Service Requests. For reporting, and workflow continuity, we'd obviously prefer that defined Service Requests always show up as such to the Team/User that they're assigned to, instead of being a Service Request sometimes, and a Task others. Then again, we like the OTB functionality of Tasks within the context of complex Service Requests.

I've seen some suggestions on the forum here about building out something special for the really complicated service requests like employee onboarding, but we'd like, as much as possible, to have a standard way of dealing with this because it's clearly going to be common to have Service Requests that have one or two tasks that are already a Service Request and we don't want to have to handle each one in some special way.

Fishing for ideas and feedback about how others have handled this.