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What is the highest level of Official Certified Cherwell Training available?

We are drafting some minimum requirements for a position we need to fill, and we are looking for applicants who are knowledgeable with the Cherwell development environment. What is the highest level of Official Certified Cherwell Training available (if any)? 

  • Christian,

    I would worry less about the courses that someone has taken and focus more on their experience. How much experience you target would depend heavily on what you expect your applicant to do, as well as how much the position pays. If you are just looking for someone to come in and maintain what you currently have built, a year or so documentable experience would probably be fine. If they are going to be developing new applications then I would require 3+ years. I would try and get as detailed as you can with your requirements, making sure to add in various skills that compliment the CSM experience such as:

    • SQL
    • Powershell
    • Web API
    • IIS
    • etc.

    I will say that you will get a LOT more value and production quickly by hiring a very experienced person, but they likely won't be cheap.-Dave


  • Hi Christian,  Cherwell Learning Services has a Skill Sheet for System Administrators.  I will be happy to send that to you.  If anyone reading this would like this document, e-mail and we'll get it to you.  Cherwell currently does not "certify" customers.  We do give a certificate of completion for courses taken through Cherwell University.  However, the good news is that customer certification is coming in 2018. In addition, we are expanding our offerings for customers who develop in Cherwell.  For a complete list of our current offerings, go to